My Story

**The Evolution: From Rocky Clark to the Stay Locked In Journey**

**Part 1: The Rocky Clark Beginnings**
In college, Joe founded Rocky Clark, a venture that took him from crafting the best bagel in NJ at his dad's deli to launching a Kickstarter for 100 pairs of jeans. By day, he dedicated himself to the Rocky Clark vision, and by night, he rolled bagels. Then, in 2018, a life-altering bicycle accident reshaped the course of his journey.

**Part 2: Navigating the Corporate Shift**
Post-accident, unable to continue manual labor, Joe transitioned to the corporate 9-5 world while persisting in his entrepreneurial pursuits. Despite launching multiple brands, he found himself grappling with a sense of loss and unfulfillment.

**Part 3: The Rediscovery in 2023**
In 2023, Joe departed from the corporate realm on a quest for self-discovery. Through profound introspection, he connected the dots, recognizing that his unwavering commitment to self-growth, personal development, and mindset mastery was the constant thread in his life. His mantra, "Stay locked in," became a guiding force through corporate challenges and entrepreneurial ventures. In this period of deep exploration, he unearthed his superpower—his passion for helping others become their best selves and realize their full potential.