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Edward Joiner

"New York City is one of the most fertile grounds for fantastic fashion brands. Today’s featured article highlights the story of one of those brands, Rocky Clark."

The Good Five Cent Cigar

"Alumnus creates clothing company focused on sustainability

Simply Suzette

"We have a very special edition of The Perfect Pair with Joseph “Rocco”, Founder, Rocky Clark Clothing. I recently had the pleasure to interview Joseph about his journey in designing a conscious jean and his search for his perfect pair. Since he couldn't find them... HE MADE THEM!"


"Learn How Joseph Rotondo, Founder Of Rocky Clark, Is Transforming The New York Apparel Industry"

Made in NYC

"Made in NYC supports thousands of NYC’s manufacturers by giving them the tools to grow their companies. We foster local entrepreneurial innovation because we see the value in high-quality, locally-made goods which nurture local economies. We unite companies and entrepreneurs as a community to support their endeavors."


Official partner of Afterpay


Long John Denim

Author: Wouter, founder of Long John - a daily magazine specializing in denim


Successfully funded kickstarter that allowed for "100 pairs of jeans."


City Scout

"Rocky Clark Clothing - Year of the Dog"


"In the case of Joseph “Rocco” Rotondo’s dog, Clark, they become the inspiration for a new sustainable streetwear empire."

The Quarterrican

"A NYC based label that creates tactile & compelling sustainable streetwear. Joseph...with one goal in mind - to build a brand on u.s.a. made sustainable streetwear. The brand focuses mostly on denim but still dabbles in other streetwear essentials."


City Scout

"Rocky Clark originated from my middle name- “Rocco” and my rescue dog’s name- “Clark”.  I put them together and found a strong, catchy name for the brand.  It’s meaningful to us yet anonymous to others."


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