REGENERATIVE: Bring into renewed existence; generate again.

RE/GEN signifies a purpose bigger than us - defining a new generation of wearers. We envision a symbiotic relationship between humans and clothing, and a synergistic relationship between clothing and our earth. RE/GEN is a step toward a solution that works for all.
We encourage mindful consumption by producing long-lasting pieces, designing for timelessness, and using materials that are everlasting. Sourcing organic fabrics has been our top priority since 2015, and who we are is rooted in the quality of our designs. We see a world where our clothing is not produced at the cost of our natural resources, but where the two coexist in solidarity. 
rocky clark regen
organic cotton denim
mens denim jacket


Denim is the ultimate storyteller of Americana style. It mined with the westerners during the Gold Rush, rebelled with James Dean in the 50's, and has become rooted in generations of self expression. It continues to be the foundation of our design ethos - durability and longevity.