Rocky Clark started in 2015 as a sustainable clothing brand made in the USA. Eco-friendliness and circularity, fair social and ethical means has always been the cornerstone of the Rocky Clark brand. The name itself originated from the founder and his rescue dog, Clark. Since day one, Rocky Clark has been committed to a low carbon footprint, giving back to the community and creating thoughtful, artisanal goods. A natural evolution from the physical world into the digital landscape with NFTs sparked the expansion to include Cali, another family rescue.

There will be 6666 RC Dogs (3333 Clark’s and 3333 Cali’s) in our mint collection with over 200 unique traits.


rocky clark dog nft


The Rocky Clark Universe is a collection of NFT’s based on the Rocky Clark brand. Rocky Clark began as an eco-friendly clothing brand in 2015 where sustainability and longevity have been woven into the fabric of the brand DNA at every turn including the metamorphosis from clothing to NFTs.

There will be 6666 RC Dogs (3333 Clark’s and 3333 Cali’s) in our genesis mint collection. With over 200 unique traits.

NFT’s are a natural progression of the Rocky Clark brand with the desire to fuse the physical and virtual worlds together while creating value and utility for holders and creatives alike.

As long as you're a Dog holder.

Yes, Rocky Clark Dogs can be bought and sold on multiple exchanges. 6% of royalty fees from each resale will be distributed between each Rocky Clark Fund as well as charitable contributions to offset the carbon impact of blockchain. 3% goes to Rocky Clark, The Artist and to further the project 3% will be donated to charitable contributions to offset the carbon impact of blockchain. *However, once you sell your Dog, you forfeit all Commercial Rights

We thoughtfully chose Ethereum to launch our Rocky Clark NFTs because we believe in bringing the most value to our creators and investing in the future of a blockchain that is evolving and lowering gas fees for the community. We recognize the massive impact NFTs and web3 has on the environment today and threat to future generations which is why sustainability can be found woven into the thread of all Rocky Clark endeavors.

Creators of Rocky Clark dogs are granted commercial rights usage of their NFT. We encourage holders to be creative with their NFTs and unleash their imagination and innovation beyond just physical or digital goods. *Please review Terms & Conditions