The Rocky Clark Universe
Joseph R. Rotondo
Rocky Clark Universe is a creative ecosystem built on top of the “xxx” blockchain. The Rocky Clark Universe is a collection of unique NFTs which allow the holders (“Creators”) access to a community with endless creative possibilities.
Rocky Clark aims to provide utility through our NFT collections, creating the most value for our holders. As an owner, you become a creator under the Rocky Clark umbrella, allowing you to pair your creativity with your Rocky Clark NFT. Through the 3333 Clark’s and 3333 Cali’s, branding yourself or your label is just the beginning. Drawing inspiration from americana streetwear, music, art and global lifestyle we plan to build on the original collection and expand the RC universe.
Commercial Rights
As a Rocky Clark creator you are granted commercial rights of your NFT, i.e. all rights which arise out of, or are directly or indirectly, connected with your NFT. This may include merchandise, metaverse identity or any other income-producing purposes.
*Please review Terms & Conditions
Creator Community
By joining our Discord, Twitter and other social platforms you will connect and collaborate with other creators of the Rocky Clark Universe. The Rocky Clark Universe will serve as a melting pot for all, opening up a channel of opportunity to elevate and grow your brand/identity. Rocky Clark Universe aims to be a hub for connecting artists and fans through collaborations and social appearances.
Social Responsibility Initiatives 
Social responsibility is a core value of the Rocky Clark Universe. Part of our mission is to contribute to offsetting the carbon impact of blockchain usage, with the adoption of the Rocky Clark Universe translating into measurable environmental change. The RC Universe pledges to donate a portion of each mint to a charitable cause.