Tier 2: Get Locked In Mastermind Group - $199/month - (5 spots remaining - March cohort)

Tier 2: Get Locked In Mastermind Group - $199/month - (5 spots remaining - March cohort)

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Stay Locked In Mastermind Group - Tier 2: Get Locked In

Beginning March 4, 2024

Join our bi-weekly mastermind group calls and elevate your life with our Tier 2 coaching service, "Get Locked In." Priced at $199 per month, this immersive three-month program is crafted to empower you with transformative tools and mindset shifts. Here's what awaits you:

- Engage in a 3-month transformative journey with dedicated coaching support.

Key Components:

1. Coursework:
- Dive into meticulously curated coursework tailored to ignite your personal growth journey. Explore a holistic approach to mindset development, discipline cultivation, healthy habit formation, and profound perspective shifts.

2. Bi-Weekly Group Calls:
- Participate in impactful bi-weekly group calls, fostering a collaborative space for shared insights, challenges, and growth. Connect with like-minded individuals, creating a supportive community.

Focus Areas:

- Mindset Mastery:
- Unlock new possibilities and overcome self-limiting beliefs with a growth-oriented mindset.

- Discipline Development:
- Cultivate discipline as a cornerstone for success, maintaining focus and commitment.

- Healthy Habits Formation:
- Establish sustainable habits for overall well-being, fostering a balanced lifestyle.

- Perspective Shift:
- Gain insights and strategies to approach challenges with resilience and creativity.

Why "Get Locked In"?

"Get Locked In" transcends coaching; it's an immersive experience guiding you through self-discovery and transformation. Your commitment to this tier is an intentional investment in personal and professional growth.

Ready to unlock the next chapter of your life?
Embark on this transformative journey together. Sign up for "Get Locked In" today, and let the unlocking of your true potential begin.

*To enroll or inquire, contact rocco@rockyclark.com.