Monday Artist Feature - Emily Higgins

Where were you born and raised?In a small town in Massachusetts about 30 minutes south of Boston. What do you create? What's your medium? I call my work “sculptural painting” for a lack of better words. I paint large pieces of paper and then alter the paper and apply it to a canvas or foundobject in a more sculptural way. When did your creative journey begin? I began to seriously dive into art in high school, and in college was a studio art major. Freshman year of college I took a painting with acrylic class and for the final decided to create my first rolled paper piece, which is where myreal art journey began. I spent the next three years completing that firstrolled...

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Monday Artist Feature - Heather Arcelli

What do you make/create? What's your medium? I make digital illustrations. I’m biiig into portraits but I’ve been trying to introduce movie posters and gig posters to my repertoire too -I need to add some figures into my face-heavy portfolio!

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Regenerative Organic Cotton

WHAT'S IN YOUR SOIL? The Earth's soil is one of the most influential natural resources and is integral to the health of our eco-system. It provides humans across the world with food, jobs, and helps to stimulate agricultural communities. As a society, we may not have thought much about soil before now, but it has always been a concern for us at Rocky Clark. For our upcoming collection, we chose to use 100% regenerative organic cotton for our t-shirts and hoodies. By adapting Regenerative processes, we are able to create action-packed solutions to one of the biggest global threats we are experiencing - climate change. Since our inception in 2015 it has been our mission to encourage mindful consumption. The...

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