About the Artist - Heather

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and how you got into NFTs?

Hi, I’m Heather Arcelli and I’m an illustrator from NY! I graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Illustration in 2019 and since then I’ve been doing my thing freelance-wise while staying busy as a cake decorator. I’m always looking for new projects to take on so when Joe (who I’ve previously had the pleasure of working with) reached out mentioning a new NFT project he had for me, I was all for it.


What made you pursue NFT art?

I had only recently been told by a friend that I should ‘look into NFTs when Joe came to me with this idea. I truly had no clue about any aspect of NFTs but Joe introduced me to the world. I got a lot of texts sharing different articles which explained the concept of NFTs and highlighted what other artists were doing and it was all really exciting to me. It seems like the possibilities are endless and that the space is constantly being redefined and, while it’s a bit intimidating, this project seemed like the perfect way to dip my toe into the NFT-world and see how I can fit into it all.


What does the NFT community mean to you?

The NFT community to me is about discovering artists and getting inspired. It’s similar to following my artist friends on Instagram or flipping through the Society of Illustrators books - I’m here to take it all in. One of the cool things about the community is how creators are making art innovative and new. I’m not only discovering new illustrators but I’m also being introduced to new concepts that are completely blowing my mind. The metaverse?! Crazy. VR fashion?! Insane. It all makes me so excited. I gotta go pick up coding or something. I want to learn! I want to keep up!


Take us through the process of creating Clark and Cali

Joe and I seemed to have a similar vision for what this project could look like and it all stems back to the original Clark drawing I created a few years ago for Rocky Clark. The Original Clark has been the go-to inspo when making these new pieces. Joe and I made a list of different outfits that we wanted to see Clark and Cali in and then with the Original vibe in mind I started drawing the different traits onto the dog’s bodies. I use procreate and luckily for me the watercolor/pencil/natural texture look that I used for this project IS my style because I’m able to just go for it and draw the outfits in the way that I like -which also happens to be the way that works for this collection!


Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get involved in illustrating NFTs?

I think it’s super important, especially when working on a big project, that you enjoy what you’re making. Keep building your own style and keep making art that YOU love and opportunities will come to you! Also- Be open to learning and trying new things! I tend to hate change but learning and growth are never bad things.


What's your favorite Clark/Cali trait/fit in the collection?

It’s very hard for me to pick just one look for Clark and Cali because honestly, they’re extremely stylish but I’ve been debating buying coveralls for a while now and every time I see them in that fit I get jealous. I think it’s time for me to buy a pair.


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