How to wash your denim the Rocky Clark way

Did you know that denim is naturally antimicrobial? Did you also know that most of the energy and water used in clothing is by the end user? Did you know that you don't have to wash your jeans after every wear?

Washing your denim the RC way helps to preserve h2o and reduce energy usage, while washing inside out helps reduce color run-off, as well as maintain longevity - (we want your kids kid to wear these jeans.)

What you'll need:

->  Empty, clean sink or tub (that fills up)

-> Cold water (approx. 5 gallons)

-> Dr. Bronner's Hemp Soap - (We love the peppermint scent!)

-> Dirty Denim - Shop clean RC Jeans HERE >>


1. Fill sink/tub with cold water, enough to fully submerge clothing

2. As sink/tub is filling with cold water, add 3-5 cap fulls of Dr. Bronner's Hemp Soap, depending on laundry load

3. Turn clothing inside out, spot clean stains beforehand with a sponge

4. Submerge clothing, let out all air bubbles

5. Agitate clothing in water

6. Let sit for 30-50 minutes, periodically agitating clothing

7. Drain sink and rinse out all suds

8. Ring out clothing

9. Hang dry

10. Get to Rockin'!

Our raw denim we use is built to withstand grit and last you a lifetime. We hope this was helpful and encourages you to incorporate a new, earth-conscious habit into your lives!

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions regarding how you can best preserve your denim!


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