Monday Artist Feature - Heather Arcelli

What do you make/create? What's your medium?
I make digital illustrations. I’m biiig into portraits but I’ve been trying to introduce movie posters and gig posters to my repertoire too -I need to add some figures into my face-heavy portfolio!

What inspires you? Where do you go for inspiration?
I’m inspired mainly by other artists. I see cool approaches and eye catching color palettes that my friends and other artists post on Instagram/Pinterest and that inspires me to try those elements in my own way in my own work.

Who is your audience/ideal eyes for your work?
Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but I make my art for me! I choose subjects that interest me (hence the trillion drawings of Jack Black) and I build the art in a way that I think looks good. I suppose the ideal audience for my art is people with similar taste in subject matter (dumb movie fans this ones for you) but I try to make my pieces be interesting enough that people will like it even if they don’t know the person or reference.

What is your mission/ what do you try to achieve or tell your audience with your art?
My main mission as an artist hoping to get into freelance work is for my art to pique someone’s interest enough to actually check out the subject of the artwork. It’s crazy to realize that I have the power to be able to influence people.

When did you begin your art journey? What led you to where you are now?
I’ve been into art since I was little but it wasn’t until high school that I realized I didn’t want to do anything else in life. The thought of going to college for literally anything else was insane to me. So I hunkered down and decided to be an artist.

Advice for up and coming artists and young creatives?
My advice for young creatives is to not compare yourself to other artists. It’s definitely useful to look at other artists' work for inspiration but it’s so important to do your own thing. It can be so discouraging if you try to be someone else because you can’t be; but that’s okay! Try to separate the art that you admire from the art that you create so creating doesn’t feel like a competition.

What is your go-to music while you create?
I love to listen to loud, energetic music when I create, it makes me feel like I’m in a movie montage scene and it keeps me moving. My go to noisy-fun bands are Dirty Projectors (specifically their Lamp Lit Prose album) and TuneYards (Whokill album).

Who was your inspiration growing up? Was it an artist? Actor? Musician?

Growing up most of my inspiration came from my dad. And Avril Lavigne. But mostly my Dad. He’s never perused art but he is an amazing artist and he always made art look so easy. The walls in the bedroom of my childhood home were covered in his paintings so I grew up surrounded by his artistic influence. 

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