Monday Artist Feature - Torey Lehman of Reigning Grey

Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in South Jersey in a small town called Mount Holly that's located outside Philadelphia and on your way to the shore.

What's your medium? 
I am a jewelry designer and I work with all different types of materials- metal, beads, plastic, acrylic, etc.

Anything special to you about your creative process?
Our tiered sustainable line Reigning Grey Rework is a program I designed where after signing up online donations of old, broken, or unused jewelry I ship it to the studio. I rework the pieces, give new life to them and name it after the donator. I tag the original owner in social media so they get to see the sustainable journey they've helped create. Not only is this program eco friendly, but it's community based and keeps my creativity on its toes. People have sent in some really amazing things including real pearls!

Who was your inspiration growing up? Actor? Musician? 
Oh man.. I was raised in the 90s so a lot of female R&B artists impacted me - Janet Jackson, Destinys Child, Eve.. I also grew up listening to Bowie, Beatles, the Stones. Music inspired me a lot...puts you in all the moods. 

What's your mission? What do you try to communicate through your art?
My mission is to cater to the independent spirit. I believe that the power of individualism combined with sustainability creates the strongest product. I like empowering women/people through design.

Advice for up and coming artists and young creatives?
Nothing comes without effort, consistency and attention to detail. Go explore!

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