Why Raw Denim?

We use 100% organic cotton RAW denim to construct our jeans. Why Raw Denim? Raw denim not only cuts down on water and energy usage during the production process, it also adds to the longevity and durability of the jean, which ties into our concept of sustainability.  Typically, jeans are washed or distressed after the construction process.  Not ours.  We thoughtfully chose to utilize raw denim to give you a jean to take on your journey as you both tell your story.

The best part of raw denim is how it breaks in. They begin to mold to your body over time and the fades are beautiful.  Our denim is naturally antibacterial, so you don't need to wash your jeans as often as you think!  Over time these jeans will become buttery soft and fit perfectly to your body shape. So when you ask: "Why are Rocky Clark jeans so stiff?!" - the answer is simple: "They become more comfortable once they break-in." Just ask our friend George. 

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